Job Interview – Part I

One real world problem I had experienced: Last interview I faced was bad because I couldn’t present to interviewer how much I know about job they are offering.

Let’s see why it occurred to me and perhaps, you.

The problem flows like in this way.

#1. Attitude,

#2. Approach,

#3. Goal,

#4. Tactics, and

#5. Execution.

On execution level (in actual interview) if you doing not good, please go and check what are your tactics. May be I have read interview tactics from non sense job interview sites or those how-to-do books. [Honestly speaking, they were not written because to help you succeed, but because “big number” of frustrated candidates buy them all the time.]

Wrong tactics come from unfocused goal. Which one thing you really really want to achieve:  getting more skilled at want more money or fame or perhaps you wish to add value to your community?


A better goal helps to work with better approach.


And now most important thing that very few heard of and work upon.

That the tipping point is about having right attitude. Towards organization, and yourself.  A right attitude is hard to get, brings scarcity and value. You will say “Fuck Off” to the one asking you exact definition of testing.

Intentionally deciding, acting upon right attitude will help you to go with exact approach to face any interview.

May be you want to see something awesome, about testing interviews.You can very well apply it to other kinda interviews too.

[This is small post; I wrote it when sane tester asked me better approach of giving interviews. I am not very good at giving interviews, and trying to get better. There will be some more posts coming.]

What do you think about article?

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