Business is just a game.

When I was sixteen, I had a fever and vomitting problems which had lasted for over a month. Unfortunetly ,until theday before the surgery, no doctor had thought that there could be an infection in the brain , which was giving me a fever and sinus. It was a critical operation and the hospital had called in their best surgeons for the job. I could not attend most of my school year – 10th class, an important year in the academic career. The hospital discharged me just one month before the final exams.

Actually something interesting happened with me that day – the day of the operation. When my dad and mom left me with surgeons in operation room, I had no idea about things going on around me and I was semi-concious. A sexy nurse was ensuring that my blood pressure stayed normal and  gave me an injection for the same. Slowly and steadily I fell into a deep sleep and  I could not hear what was being discussed around me.

Though everyone in the room thought I was in sleeping, I really wasn’t. After a few minutes, there were some louder voices in as the  room.After some moments I saw my Grandma (aabbu) by my side, then grandpa (I call him miri ke abba), mom , dad, and a few of my friends from school. Everyone was talking to me at the same time. And I could hear them so clearly  even though the  natural rules of audio mixing at same levels were not being followed. Everyone was saying that they need me in their life, and I had always been a good boy who never hurt anyone. I also saw a girl who I always kept looking at in the class. She was beautiful. Every good moment from childhood and school days was coming as a flashback to me in those moments.

After a few seconds, something went wrong and I couldn’t hear anything anymore.(As doctors said later to me) my heartbeats had stopped completely and the blood pressure had gone to zero. Riyaj (had) died.

But hey, I am alive today! as Apparently the doctors could after all save me with a series of shock treatments.

It’s been 7 years, but still I remember each and everything about that flashback moment. It was shocking, and changed my life completely. Even changed how I look towards my life.

You know what, there’s nothing after life. There never was.

I just wish that when I experience that flashback moment  again , I want to see good people telling me that I brought some value to their world.

Business,career all are just a game. Actually we are all here to have a good time with people while we can!

Happy life.

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