Tester levels

In most games, there are levels of gamers –from novice to expert.   How can you name level of testers in your team?

You can have multiple levels at the same time. I can see there are twenty levels of testers.

Level one: “Which tool you are using in testing?”

Level two: “10 pass, 2 fail”

Level three: Hey I am certified, hurray!

Level four: humm, what is exploratory?

Level five: I don’t know, but there is something wrong in this module.

Level six: “10 fail, 3 pass “

Level seven: “I started blogging “

Level eight: Marketing guys are now taking your advice seriously.

Level nine: developers now understand what testability is.

Level ten: developers actually implemented testability in application code.

Level eleven: “humm, Exploratory seems an interesting concept. I liked it.”

Level twelve: your organization left “six sigma” things because of you

Level thirteen: “ Hey, you know I was doing exploratory testing all the time.”

Level fourteen: Don’t buy this tool. I have other good option for us.

Level fifth teen: Here’s my testing budget: 9 M, “WAIT, WHAT? IT’S TOO MUCH!!” okay here is another option, let’s go for 5 M “HEY, THAT SEEMS TOO LESS.” Okay, lets chose plan no 3 which is for 7 M.

Level sixteen: now your one liner bug report can change whole website overnight. (I did that once for Mahindra satyam :))

Level seventeen: Handled Mac first time, and game crashed.

Level eighteen: networked with thousands of testers around the globe

Level nineteen: leading tribe of likeminded testers all over the world

Level twenty: Re-inventing testing which move software industry forward.

Which levels you posses ?

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