Arguing with my 21 years old friend-Me

Things are changing now. Share markets are quite high, your neighbors’ has new dazzling car, your friend has extra features mobile (which you think he can’t use all of them), and your boss has iPad 2. But you should not have any effect of that. You want to continue your work –  as you are doing from many years.

I am not the one who is thinking same way like yesterday. I always change my road. Sometimes it hurts me, but it’s good for testing freedom. I don’t want to be in one mud for  longer time, I need fresh water.

I take initiative to let people know something that they don’t know about. In this process you should also have patience to listen carefully what they say. Later, ask them questions. Just few ones, so that they will think they are not perfect still. This is how I start my discussion.

One software developing company in Pune has made a beautiful product, whose important function is to print the specific paper. They had claim on their website that the software is compatible to ANY printer. When I ask about testing of things like classes, models, drivers, interfaces, features of the printers with respect to software (blah blah) …she stopped me in between and said, we had a list of compatible printers with software CD.

And first they were claiming about ALL printers. This is like saying we have found 100% bugs and fixed those.


The best and worst thing happening to me in Pune is that I think different. I consider Test management, technical support staff, user manuals, privacy policy, history of product, marketing ways, legal things ,etc all the requires  for my  testing work.HR think that I should not look for them, ITS NOT MY JOB.

I have two choices educate or habituate. I chose first one .But how should I join certain software company who don’t need see their technical support staff report for their Testing. This is not the one, I have many objections.

The people around here think that I won’t suitable although I can test well. Yes, they are right. I will be their unmatchable part of team, but hey look; you will find that I am the best part of the team. And I already know that.

The one thing I want to mention, my blog helps to spread among all here like a virus. People started knowing me; they are respecting me, and asking curiously , “Oh, so you are Riyaj? “

I met many people here, and learn many things from them. If they Doesn’t have requirements and all, still they are in touch with me. After all, Hiring is a business decision and I know that.

I know that you are reading this but you should happy that I haven’t disclosed your name. Don’t worry. There are many- like you here around.

“Please, don’t make me think.”

By just reading the title, some people around there will know what I am talking about. They don’t need to read further. Just go somewhere else. For others, keep yourself free for next 10 minutes, be relaxed, take a cup of coffee-filled one, and of course start reading further.

Here are some questions who you might want to consider:

  • How many of you have really tested an application for “usability”?
  • How many organizations have separate budget for usability testing?
  • How many organizations did given task of usability testing to specialist test labs?
  • How many of you read more than 10 lines on usability?
  • Can you tell me name of the book, you refer for usability? Author please?

Mastering in one thing does not mean that you can stay weak in others.

One of the things that your project does not have separate budget for usability is that your technical staff of testers can’t explain what is usability and its need. Though your website is great in functionality and security but it doesn’t care for usability, no one will care for your business.

Usability is one of the important quality criteria of an application. There are many website you can see are hard to use, hard to master in least time, hard to use, and does not meet OS accessibility features.

Here are the things I do for my testing for usability:

One of my favorite ways for testing is that, before I jump on the product, I keep my self prepared checklist in front of me. You can download it from here.

Also, I am sharing with some of the brilliant websites and documents I read to update my checklist:

  • <To be updated>

The US accessibility standards are strict. If you are thinking of making a website for US people be aware of US accessibility standards. Or they will sue you.

The better way to solve the problem is to start the work from Requirements phase. The more you care about design, the more you will get benefits later.

There is important thing should be remember in mind. It’s of your test coverage for usability. The things that you tested and the things you have not tested.Ask this  for each item in checklist. This will help you in situations where you need to protect yourself.

Get in touch with me , If you want one more tester for your organization to at least to test for usability of application. J Here is another post who says the same, in different way.

[The title of the post “please don’t make me think” I copied from the book, called “don’t make me think.” By Steve Krug. It’s an another way of marketing that book so that you will read it one day and know that how fantastic it is.]

Happy testing.