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I  am in software industry for nearly 7 years now – and got various working experiences in from startups , medium size companies to multinational companies how they work and how they do business.

The most important thing I learned in these varied experiences – is everything is about People . The Better people (team) we have – the better communication , growth and business. All these companies looks very different from far – however very similar when we look inside.

Next important thing I learned is – I can learn various skills myself – and apply to my work. I started my job Software Tester , and at the end of 7 years I am now a Data Scientist. I learnt Testing, Technical writing, Marketing, Data Analytics, Operations, Finance, Machine Learning – learning and applying. Sometimes I also get rare opportunity to mix those things – for eg – in recent job  I have – I am working as Data Scientist in Software testing . Hardly anyone in the world is doing it because of it’s specific niche.

Niche – one of important thing I look to learn any skills is what attracted me towards Topal.

I saw Toptal’s slogan about “Top 3% ” and got greatly interested. I can see they are targeting niche skills , at the same time also solving problems for users – Lot of fake profiles and job postings. I am looking forward for the application processes where I can start my freelancing journey and solve problems for customers using various skills I learnt in my career- especially joining R development group.




What’s the best way to kill bad certification’s practices in our industry?

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“Don’t talk about it.”

Job Interview – Part I

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One real world problem I had experienced: Last interview I faced was bad because I couldn’t present to interviewer how much I know about job they are offering.

Let’s see why it occurred to me and perhaps, you.

The problem flows like in this way.

#1. Attitude,

#2. Approach,

#3. Goal,

#4. Tactics, and

#5. Execution.

On execution level (in actual interview) if you doing not good, please go and check what are your tactics. May be I have read interview tactics from non sense job interview sites or those how-to-do books. [Honestly speaking, they were not written because to help you succeed, but because “big number” of frustrated candidates buy them all the time.]

Wrong tactics come from unfocused goal. Which one thing you really really want to achieve:  getting more skilled at want more money or fame or perhaps you wish to add value to your community?


A better goal helps to work with better approach.


And now most important thing that very few heard of and work upon.

That the tipping point is about having right attitude. Towards organization, and yourself.  A right attitude is hard to get, brings scarcity and value. You will say “Fuck Off” to the one asking you exact definition of testing.

Intentionally deciding, acting upon right attitude will help you to go with exact approach to face any interview.

May be you want to see something awesome, about testing interviews.You can very well apply it to other kinda interviews too.

[This is small post; I wrote it when sane tester asked me better approach of giving interviews. I am not very good at giving interviews, and trying to get better. There will be some more posts coming.]

Shut up and hire me!

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Guys, I am looking for new job and searching it through popular (old, sluggish, ad oriented) job sites really sucks. They could be better than anything. You have to add keywords as skills and that’s what millions other job seekers also do. It makes an individual too common and average as there’s no space for creativity. No wonder recruiter’s inbox always flooded with irrelevant resumes when they post job ad on such sites.  And who can say it better than these guys?

And I really don’t want to add one more email there.Here’s what I want to say

Riyaj Shaikh (a.k.a.Bob) is now laid off and looking for an opportunity to work with passionate guys in software industry – preferably in Pune. In past, I had worked with some awesome guys in software testing and technical marketing industry. Also,

I am worth Hiring. Yes, I might have less experience than others BUT I can do some things that others probably not or can not. Yes, I can do specified work to me for sure but I am also talking about these:

  • I am Honest.
  • I am a better human being and a team-mate that you can hire, as recommended by my previous employer.
  • I have better documentation skills, you need evidence? Just view my some documents here on blog like this and this one.
  • I am creative. If not, this blog post would not be there. I am always in search of new and better ways of doing a work and practice it all-the time, just like I use of social media for this cause.
  • I had worked as Tester and Writer in past. You can see my writings on this blog, and some posts on previous employer’s  website.Few of my other articles includes Cube Game and Testing Software on Testing Planet magazine and few on Testing Circus magazine.Oh yes, some were also published on NASSCOMM EMERGE BLOG !
  • I take decisions, which I consider are the best part of mine. The decisions about anything helped me a lot to stand as a better human being.
  • I am very openhearted; I surely wont  hide from you If  got impressed of you!
  • I work for an organization and wherever I work, I think first about it.

The above cartoon is my visual resume, you might need my doc resume!


 I need YOUR help. Please help me to spread this. Tweet it, share it on Facebook or forward it to anyone you think might be hiring. 


[Please contact me through mail – or just call – 91-97621-35530]

Exclusive Facebook page –Bootstrapper Bob,

Twitter Conversation – #HireBob

Thanks for reading and sharing!

Business is just a game.

April 20, 2012 § 2 Comments

When I was sixteen, I had a fever and vomitting problems which had lasted for over a month. Unfortunetly ,until theday before the surgery, no doctor had thought that there could be an infection in the brain , which was giving me a fever and sinus. It was a critical operation and the hospital had called in their best surgeons for the job. I could not attend most of my school year – 10th class, an important year in the academic career. The hospital discharged me just one month before the final exams.

Actually something interesting happened with me that day – the day of the operation. When my dad and mom left me with surgeons in operation room, I had no idea about things going on around me and I was semi-concious. A sexy nurse was ensuring that my blood pressure stayed normal and  gave me an injection for the same. Slowly and steadily I fell into a deep sleep and  I could not hear what was being discussed around me.

Though everyone in the room thought I was in sleeping, I really wasn’t. After a few minutes, there were some louder voices in as the  room.After some moments I saw my Grandma (aabbu) by my side, then grandpa (I call him miri ke abba), mom , dad, and a few of my friends from school. Everyone was talking to me at the same time. And I could hear them so clearly  even though the  natural rules of audio mixing at same levels were not being followed. Everyone was saying that they need me in their life, and I had always been a good boy who never hurt anyone. I also saw a girl who I always kept looking at in the class. She was beautiful. Every good moment from childhood and school days was coming as a flashback to me in those moments.

After a few seconds, something went wrong and I couldn’t hear anything anymore.(As doctors said later to me) my heartbeats had stopped completely and the blood pressure had gone to zero. Riyaj (had) died.

But hey, I am alive today! as Apparently the doctors could after all save me with a series of shock treatments.

It’s been 7 years, but still I remember each and everything about that flashback moment. It was shocking, and changed my life completely. Even changed how I look towards my life.

You know what, there’s nothing after life. There never was.

I just wish that when I experience that flashback moment  again , I want to see good people telling me that I brought some value to their world.

Business,career all are just a game. Actually we are all here to have a good time with people while we can!

Happy life.

Tester levels

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In most games, there are levels of gamers –from novice to expert.   How can you name level of testers in your team?

You can have multiple levels at the same time. I can see there are twenty levels of testers.

Level one: “Which tool you are using in testing?”

Level two: “10 pass, 2 fail”

Level three: Hey I am certified, hurray!

Level four: humm, what is exploratory?

Level five: I don’t know, but there is something wrong in this module.

Level six: “10 fail, 3 pass “

Level seven: “I started blogging “

Level eight: Marketing guys are now taking your advice seriously.

Level nine: developers now understand what testability is.

Level ten: developers actually implemented testability in application code.

Level eleven: “humm, Exploratory seems an interesting concept. I liked it.”

Level twelve: your organization left “six sigma” things because of you

Level thirteen: “ Hey, you know I was doing exploratory testing all the time.”

Level fourteen: Don’t buy this tool. I have other good option for us.

Level fifth teen: Here’s my testing budget: 9 M, “WAIT, WHAT? IT’S TOO MUCH!!” okay here is another option, let’s go for 5 M “HEY, THAT SEEMS TOO LESS.” Okay, lets chose plan no 3 which is for 7 M.

Level sixteen: now your one liner bug report can change whole website overnight. (I did that once for Mahindra satyam :))

Level seventeen: Handled Mac first time, and game crashed.

Level eighteen: networked with thousands of testers around the globe

Level nineteen: leading tribe of likeminded testers all over the world

Level twenty: Re-inventing testing which move software industry forward.

Which levels you posses ?

What are the problems with Script-less Test Automation ?

April 3, 2012 § 7 Comments

I have come across few tools which call themselves as Scriptless Test Automation tools like Qualitia  , Certify 

Can experienced guys in this field tell me what are Problems and Good things about this concept and tools ?

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